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Can North Central Community Action Program help with gas for my vehicle?

No, if you are enrolled in the FSET program please contact your case worker for further assistance.

Can North Central CAP help me find a place to live?

No, NCCAP does not help people find places to live, please look to the following; Buyers guide, Local Landlord Associations, wihousingsearch.org and apartments.com. We do have Landlord lists that we provide to assist you in finding a place to live. We can advocate on your behalf.

How can North Central CAP help with rent?

Our rent assistance is provided as an emergency safety net service.  For example, if someone in your household was struck with a major illness or some unexpected circumstance has happened and it has impacted your income temporarily, you may be eligible for a one month rent assistance. 

Will North Central CAP help me with a security deposit?

We do not assist with security deposits, nor do we assist with moving expenses.

How do I apply for Weatherization?

You must apply for Energy assistance thru your local WHEAP Agency. If you are approved for energy assistance you are automatically entered on the Weatherization referral list.

Does the program cost me anything?

No. Weatherization is completely free to the client.

Do I need to pay the program back?

No. unlike some other programs you may have heard of, there is nothing to pay back.

What if I sell my home in the future?

After the weatherization process of your home there is no obligation to the weatherization program.

What if I am a renter?

Many low-income people are renters. We will work with you and your landlord to provide weatherization services in your place of residence.

What are the income eligibility requirements for Section 8 housing?

Applicants must meet income requirements and pass a criminal background check. Please check with the local Housing Authority in your area for income and other requirements.