Emergency Housing Assistance Fund

The mission statement of the EHAF Program is to insure no resident of the communities we serve remains or becomes homeless.  The Emergency Housing Assistance Fund facilitated the creation of a multi-agency consortium in Marathon County that has, to this day, been entrusted with the responsibility of providing homeless prevention services to residents of Marathon County.  In every sense of the word, EHAF is a community effort. Four agencies comprise this consortium.

EHAF is a rent subsidy for those persons who have a documented crisis.  For example a medical emergency temporarily causing loss of hours at work, or an extenuating circumstance causing discretionary income to be utilized for the situation.  EHAF is not for a security deposit and/or first and last month's rent.  This isn't a fund to help someone move out of their current housing situation. It is for crisis situations.

In addition, Emergency Housing Assistance is available at our North Central CAP offices in Wood and Lincoln Counties.

Eligibility for EHAF includes:

--Must be a resident of the County utilizing the funds

--Individuals and families have three or more barriers to housing stability as identified in the initial assessment

--Individuals and families must have an income source to be eligible for rental assistance. An income source allows for ongoing rent payments to be made by the client after assistance has been provided.  An income may be SSI or SSDI. 

--Clients agree to pay their portion of rent and must provide documentation of payment in the rental assistance program.

--Individuals and families are threatened with an eviction notice or other housing challenges to be eligible for emergency rental assistance

--Individuals and families must be willing to provide required documentation and cooperate with follow-up appointments with their case managers and outreach workers

--Landlords must be willing to work with the clients and guarantee 30 days of additional housing to the client once EHAF assistance is provided

--Individuals and families agree to participate in program follow-up conducted by United Way’s 2-1-1 for emergency rental assistance  

Housing and Homeless Prevention

Homelessness Prevention is funding and programming for low-income individuals and households who are imminently at risk of becoming homeless.

North Central Community Action Program Housing First Programs include:

· Rapid Re-Housing

What are ‘Housing First’ assistance programs for the homeless?

North Central Community Action partners with the federal and state government on offering the Housing First program in Wood, Marathon, and Lincoln counties. This program will try to help the mid to long term homeless find an affordable home (apartment) to live in. The program helps with paying expenses, including offering rent subsidies and providing long term case management for support services.

This program differs from many other services as the client is first placed into a safe and affordable apartment. It attempts to completely bypass a shelter or other short term, transitional home. This means providing shelter is even more important than creating self-sufficiency.

Only after placement will the individual be asked to participate in other services, such as counseling, enrollment into substance abuse treatment or job training. The approach implemented by Housing First is just that; find a place for the person/family to live and then address other needs. Once a family has a permanent residence to come home to every day, many studies show that it is then easier to achieve the goal of long term housing stability.

Many of the clients of Housing First are chronically homeless, or have been without stable accommodations for many months. While the definition of how long that time-frame needs to be will vary by administering agency and county, a priority will usually be for those applicants that have been homeless for 6 months or more. There is also an emphasis on individuals with a significant barrier that they need to overcome. 

HUD emphasizes assistance goes to applicants with drug or alcohol issues to help overcome their addiction, the disabled, whether from a physical condition, chronic illness, or mental condition, and veterans.

Many county and city governments rely on Community Action Programs to address this homelessness crisis. 

Our Rapid Re-Housing uses the Coordinated Entry Pre-Screen system:

Coordinated Entry means “no wrong door”. If you need housing assistance, rather than apply at several agencies you can complete a pre-screen form to determine eligibility for multiple housing programs in Wood, Marathon, and Lincoln Counties.

Based on your current situation and level of need, you will be referred to the prioritization list. If/when a program has an available housing opportunity, the person or family with the greatest level of need will be contacted and advised of the opening.

Requirements/Conditions of Rapid Re-Housing

·  Household income is at or below 30% of the County Median Income

·  Individual(s) must be literally homeless

·  Individual(s) will have case management weekly for 3 months

·  A housing stabilization plan will be in place

·  NCCAP pays the subsidy to the landlord, the tenant pays their portion to the landlord

·  This program is designed for those households that face significant challenges to maintaining stable housing, lack sufficient other resources or support networks to sustain housing without assistance

Section 8 Housing Voucher Program

Description of the program:

This program is a federally funded rental subsidy program for low income persons residing in Lincoln County.

North Central CAP obtains Rental Assistance funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by demonstrating need through an application process.

The program is designed to give eligible families freedom of choice in finding an existing, decent, safe and sanitary rental unit under rent guidelines (payment standards) established by the government.


·  An applicant who meets the eligibility requirements will be placed on the waiting list until a voucher becomes available

·  Applicant locates a rental unit within the Lincoln County area

·  The housing unit must pass a required health and safety inspection to determine if it meets federal Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

·  Applicants may stay in their present unit if the unit passes inspection (inspections are completed to ensure decent, safe and sanitary housing

·  Once an approved unit has been located, the applicant will pay an adjusted affordable amount for rent (in general, the family pays 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent plus utilities, and the program pays the balance)

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be a very-low income family.  (The term ‘family’ also includes elderly, disabled, and single individuals as defined by government regulations).

Eligibility is based upon gross annual income and number of people in the family.

NOTE:  Eligibility does not mean immediate placement.  If the applicant appears to be eligible, the applicant is then placed on the waiting list.

Capistry Town Home Apartments - Marshfield


Capistry Town Homes (CTH) is an equal opportunity housing provider and will not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. The Capistry Town Homes also complies with all applicable Federal, State and local statutes and ordinances with respect to the Fair Housing and discrimination.

Tenant Selection

·  All applicants listed on the application must meet HUD established income limits for total household income not greater than 30% of the County Median Income (CMI) limits.

·  Application must be complete with no unanswered questions, if the application is incomplete the applicant is denied due to being an incomplete application

·  Application is date and time stamped immediately upon its receipt in the Marshfield office location and placed on the waiting list

·  If there is not at waiting list at time of vacancy NCCAP will select the next applicant on a first come first serve basis who meets the eligibility criteria

·  NCCAP does conduct a criminal, rental and eviction history check with information provided from application of previous landlords, the Circuit Court Access system and with local police department of last known address

Waiting List Requirement

· Completed application

· Established by date and time, oldest applicant first and then working to the newest applicant

· Established income eligibility (income below 30% of CMI)

· Rental, Eviction, and Criminal history check is favorable

· Homelessness becomes a priority over anyone on the waiting list

· Any applicant that is homeless and put on waiting list should be updated within 30 days of original application and the priority is re-determined

Rent Requirements

· The rent and utilities do not exceed 50% of the 65% Rent Limit of the most current HUD/HOME Fair Market Rent. 

Income Eligibility and Calculation

· Income is a projection from the previous 6 months income to establish an annual adjusted gross income

· The adjusted gross income must be below 30% of the current CMI level

· The income is assessed annually upon the renewal of the 12 month lease

· If a tenant’s income increases above 30% but not over 80% CMI level the unit becomes temporarily out of compliance

· Termination of a tenant cannot be based solely on income

· If the tenants monthly adjusted income increases above 30% CMI the Tenants rent will be adjusted as soon as the lease permits to 30% of the Families adjusted monthly income, the rent adjustment will stay in place until tenant vacates the unit or income decrease below the 30% CMI

​​​​​​​Lease Requirements:

Utilization of a 12-month lease signed by the tenant and the owner

Tenant will be notified by CTH agent 60 days prior to lease expiring that they will need to renew their lease or if there will be a non-renewal of the lease.

Terms of Tenancy and Termination

The Tenant will reside in the contract unit

The Tenant will notify CTH Agency of any changes in the household composition immediately

Tenant may not sublease or transfer the unit

Rent to owner may not exceed the amount approved by NCCAP in accordance of the current HUD/HOME Fair Market

Rents Method Payment:

All rent payments by tenant are paid directly to the owner NCCAP.



NCCAP will hold Security Deposits until tenant vacates the apartment and a positive move out inspection has been concluded.